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to attend. i'm live in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the shooting prompted one california lawmaker to reintroduce a plan to ensure schools meet safety standards, lawmakers aloe indicated $90 million a year for improvements but many districts are spending money elsewhere. a state senator from torrance plans to reintroduce a bill. >> tragic z i just want to make sure in california, we take whatever steps we can to try to mitigate or prevent a few tour tragedy. >> he says the lack of a security plan is a problem for more than half of california schools. in 2009 he found 53% of the state schools did not comply with state rules. the connecticut tragedy also prompted this response from state education officials saying california schools have been asked to immediately begin reviewing their safety procedures and they're doing so. the statement continues we're also prepared to heed your call for a wider national conversation about school safety. >> the post office has stlishd an outlet for to you express your condolences to the people of sandy hook, setting up an address to send qlerts care
's operating license comes after a series of reports by abc 7 and california watch. they include an incident in the fall of last year where a dozen patients at the center had been tasered. the office of protective services discovered a taser gun in the car of staff member who was later fired but never criminally charged, nor was anyone else. dessertification would mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars in medicaid funding for the program at sonoma. federal funding pays for much of the $300,000 a year care perez dent. kathleen miller still has faith that the center will make the necessary changes. >> that's very shocking and very disturbing and i hope that they're going to give us some time to turn it around. >> reporter: the sonoma developmental center will appeal the order and that it will continue making changes. they've started by asking the assistant chief of the chb to temporarily take over their internal police force. sonoma center can stay open and continue receiving federal funds during the appeals process. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> extra security will be on site tomorrow a
. and military spending cuts would hit california. >> defense is a big part of southern california economy. cuts would affect there. >> this afternoon the speaker of the house delivered the g.o.p.'s proposal reducing national debt by $2.2 trillion. including new tax revenue but leading cuts for the top 2% in place. today the president ignored reporter questions about that republican plan but later in a statement the white house rejected it. abc 7 news believes a deal will be struck about the deadline, it will be the republican that's give ground. >> i think this time around, obama learned from his past mistakes and importantly, advantage that if he does nothing he's in better shape than republicans oor professor cane says congressional republicans holding middle class cuts hostage in order to force the president's hand. the problem is the g.o.p. cannot afford to carry out that threat and they're blamed for raising everyone's taxes in order to protect the rich and put republican party in a dark hole. >> mark, thank you. >> on wall street today, stock prices fell on concern the deficit deadlock he
a remarkable career here on abc 7. stay with us. kx;x$ú >>> a federal appeals court blocked the california law banning day conversion therapy, pugt the law on hold until it can hear arguments on the issue the law banning conversions be there aims to turn gay minors straight was to take affect january 1. counselors and two families say their teen-aged sons benefited from it sought the injunction after a lower court redees -- refuse aid request. >> news that 800 jobs in chevron headquarters are being moved to houston, texas. david louie is live tonight and sounds like officials there got very little warning. >> they didn't get very much warning. the mayor tells me that he got the bad news yesterday afternoon from chevron but apparently, the plan to moist jobs to texas had been underway for months. >> this is not something you want to see. it's a big impact here. >> 800 jobs represents just under a 4th of the 3500 employees at the san ramone headquarters. chevron says it told workers but didn't make it public until sending out an e mail yesterday. five business units are involved, all support the
who led police on a chase in southern california where a daily city boy was killed. the car hit a van with five people inside, four from daily city. authorities suspect they believe the suspects a man ask woman are gang members and they could face live in prison. two others in cars were not charged. a horrific scene in southern california a driver in riverside lost control his vehicle, slamming into a bus stop. killing a woman and her toddler. two other people are in critical condition with serious conditions to their legs. one pinned underneath the car. police have not determined what caused a driver to lose control. >> lease confirmed two guns have been stolen from the home of a police officer not a member of the antioch police department but officials refused to identify what agency he, or she works for. they say the burglars got away with two guns. police have made a sixth arrest now in the case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a street in san francisco. they also shed new details into what may have caused what is a vicious attack. the new person charged with murder is
. the law requires a chaperone to ride on party buses carrying downtown age passenger. >> california homeowner wilz get greater protection from foreclosure under another new law. it requires a large lender to provide home owners with a single point of contact if they want to have their mortgages modified, and there is a bon on foreclosure while negotiations are held. >> hillary clinton has been hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot. the blood clot was revealed during a routine followup exam. a spokesman says secretary clinton will stay in a new york city hospital so doctors can monitor the medication she is taking. >>> no deal yet. the u.s. senate will return to capitol hill in the morning after failing to come up with a package today to avoid tomorrow night's fiscal cliff deadline. >> the leadership has again in good faith. just we're apart on some pretty big issues. >> i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner. >> ama: the democratic controlled senate must reach an agreement before the republican controlled house can reach any deal. tomorrow night automa
and lesbian couples here in the state of california. >> in sacramento this afternoon a spokesman is confident the high court will support the ban. >> i expect four, or five justices to up hold prop l. why? because the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage knit. and 10th amendment says what is not in federal powers belongs to the state. >> the court could"4w5e go eithr way. today, lawyers said they'll argue before the high court that there is no justification for for discrimination we'll show the -- snow the decision next june. >> mark, thank you. governor newsom said the singling out of a class of people violates the basic principals of who we are as a nation. >> a statement from the gay rights group called it an exciting moment in our journey towards washington. >> and nancy pelosi predicted justice s would discard prop 8 in the dust bin of history. >> joining us now is abc 7 news legal analyst dean johnson. you've describe described this as a good day for california but not the best day. >> probably the best thing would have been if the court denied hearing prop 8. that wo
, a young california boy is pursuing a passion as he fights a devastating dees. his doctors believe the work is beneficial and rewarding. abc 7 news anchor carolyn johnson has the story. >> my mom wants to be an engineer. >> but the last several months while dylan has been a patient at children's hospital, los angeles he has built 70 planes, trains cars, temples and dralg ons. he doesn't watch tv or play video games and keeps building through blood draws. >> have you put one in the wrong place? >> no. i have one. then, i put in the right place. >> dylan has a severe form of a disease that drolz not create enough energy to sustain his body. parts of him are shutting down. but dwrorktz say petesing together legos is a powerful medicine. >> when you're building how does it make you feel? >> it zrakts the pain. >> as legos are being built it seems like he can focus on what he is achieving. >> nearly a dozen specialists are now working to combat his condition. while focusing on that, he is now graduated to projects so complex they're raitd for teenagers and have more than 1300 pieces. >> this jus
of the california public utilities commission for supposed by using ratepayer moneyínto fund his projects. asking granting lawrence livermore lab for research. saying he pressured to apply for the grant without review. >> what do they intend to do with the money? we don't know what. we do know is that president peavy developed a plan, assigned himself to oversee it's progress through the commission, and will tomorrow, cast a vote on it. >> hill subordinate legislation to try to stop such skpaxz will require prop proposals to undergo merit review. >> a sea plane brought santa claus to one north bay town today. >> it's a lng flight from the north pole. >> that, it s santa made a pay a visit to 40 youngsters bringing a bag of books and toys. the kids part of the8swkw performing stars of marin program helping kids get involved in the arts. the plane came from sea plane adventures flown in by santa and its owners. >> santa has been working on his voice a little bit. >> that is an authentic santa. santa will not need an um brel why. >> looking good so far. >> looking great for santa. weather will be ni
&e owns state of california and p.u.c. it's shameful they'd allow behaviors. >> we know we made mistake asks have a lot of work to do. both on systems and regaining trust of customers. this is a plan put forward to address new safety expectations that were set by the cpuc. >> this is about 1.5%. the commission said shareholders not customers will have to handle any cost overruns because it was pg&e business practice that's led to this situation. >> john, thank you. >> clear and crisp this morning, wet, windy tonight. weather is changing right now, freezing temperatures this morning left ice on puddles in the wetlands overnight, frost developing on lawns around the bay. but now, a new wave of rain is just an hour or two away. >> this is already here, check out live doppler 7 hd. we have our own radar that is tracking the storms as their first coming in from the northwest. this is another cold storm, you'll notice from santa rosa towards clear lake, down to street level, out towards this area there is some light to moderate rain. here is a look at the timing of the storm. it's a slow movi
california has structural pumps. >> it needs better levees, it was formed after the devastating 1998 flooding here to do just that. the army corps of engineers fundings never materializes. construction will begin next spring thanks to santa clara county taxpayers. >> their measure "b" passing in november dedicated about $38 million to address the flooding issues on the creek. >> but east palo alto mayor wants the state to step up and help with repairs or disaster relief if necessary in the short term. >> it's no different from any other community in the state of california. if they think their levees are up to standard, they would be surprised that most of them are not. they are not certified levees by the army corps. >>> they spent part of their holiday filing flood insurance claims. >> we have our health that is what is important. we'll be okay. >> reporter: the east palo alto city manager said that california conservation corps is expected to work in the dark tonight. they are not expecting tomorrow evening's storm to be as bad as last night's but they really don't want to take any chances
.35 a gallon. down five cents in the past week in california, gas is 3.63 a gallon. down nearly seven cents and the bay area, the average is 3.71 a gallon. >> just ahead we can hear heard a lot about the fiscal cliff. what does it mean for you? ahead how it could affect what you eat and what some groups are doing right now just in case. >>> plus, a dry weekend but more rain could be on the way. sandy patel is up next with the forecast. >> mike: the 49ers should be running away from teams like the dolphins but they let them hang around, and colin kaepernick does what he does bes >> ama: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner met today to discuss the impending fiscal cliff. they're trying to find a deficit cutting deal to stop a combination of tax increases and spending cut to kick in. some government agencies are making contingency plans. here's that part of the story. >> preparing for the holidays is a reminder of something else just around the kosher, a -- corner, fiscal cliff deadline that is permanent here. >> i can't imagine funding being cut. it would be tragic. >> she i
in southern california now. >> this is a live picture. a text alert notifies stud dwronts stay inside and lock doors as the s.w.a.t. team moves through looking;éaru forearmed suspects. >> police say at least five people robbed a jewelry store, then took police on a chase ended up on this campus. >> the search right now is centered on three buildings on the southwest part of the campus, a nearby high school son dloung tonight. one suspect has surrendered. the s.w.a.t. team looking for four more people tonight. >> and tonight we know identity of a young man who went on a shooting free yesterday in a portland,Ó&÷ oregon shopping mall, killing two people before turning the gun on himself. the sheriff there is saying koit have been much, much worse. abc 7 news mark matthews is in the newsroom tochl plain. >> detectives have now revealed the man behind the mask is a 22-year-old jacob tileler roberts. yesterday, detectives say he ran into a mall, apparently intent on murdering as many people as he could. detectives say the food court inside of the mall was littered with shell casings from an assau
watch. >> a look at what is concerning authorities in southern california. >> from michael finney the customer discovered hard way he didn't get cash back bonus on the new iphone. >> later ucsf medical students solving mysteries of the human wod body. abc 7 news ú!)x >>> storm watch continues right now. scattered showers are throughout the bay area heavier rain coming in tomorrow. crews had to drain this football field. the north bay saw similar flooded conditions. abc 7 news is live for us in sonoma county with the latest from there. >> i'm still standing alone except for cars here in the middle of highway 121. it's been blocked g news is maybe also this was the worst of the news. a flooded creek comes through with a large rain storm happened again, route 12, closed. here is how it looks now. let's take a look at earlier today. here is how they look today. automobiles abandoned by driver that's couldn't read warning signs or who ignored them or thought they ordered their cars with a pontoon option. nan was not among those drivers. >> i think that probably wasn't the wisest move.
, the artist, mom and friend. >> family and friends in southern california are still trying to comprehend the super star's sudden death. the singer's jet crashed in northern mexico following a concert killing seven people, including rir rivera. >> just keep news prayer. there are no words. >> the soulful singer seem to have had a special bond with followers, battling poverty, divorce and other hardships to achieve success. >> she has been through so many ups and downs. she got through it. yes. so yes. i do admire her as a woman. >> social network sites are exploding with condolences. rivera's death has many others searching the internet to find out more about this talented artist killed at the heighth of her career. >> this is a human person, a human being. >> many fans knew of rivera's personal challenge because of her reality tv show, i love jenni. she toured the united states and mexico. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> real talent, thank you very much. >> still to come here tonight on abc 7 news, a bay bridge face lift that could affect that is what may northbound store. >> up to speed on
. >> the state of california turns around and says we're going to ignore the federal law. the federal government doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. >> some people feel if anyone didn't go through the proper ses they don't belong here. it's a political view. i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. in the current era with all of the challenges we have in california we cannot afford to waste this kind of talent. >> one undocumented student taking that to heart. >> education is only way to help my family, myself, and to, you know contribute back to the society. >> again, about 200 students will benefit. it will cover only a portion of the fees, about $5,000. >> thank you. >> we're going to check live doppler 7 again in just a few minutes. >> the high tech features promising to make 49ers new stadium a state of the >>> 49er as noungsed a new partnership with sony. yes. sony will help a w.a partnership that will pull fans off the coach. >> what sony floonz bring to the party. >> 49ers said the stadium would offer the latest in high tech innovation, sony will help bring that
of that shooting in connecticut, it's brought cries for new gun law as cross the station. california lawmakers have begun introducing new bills. >> yes. here is nannette miranda with >> what i have is a 22 magnum. >> this state senator proposing california require all ammunition buyers to get an annual permit from department of justice, performing checks to those who apply. los angeles democrat says he's determine to fight the powerful gun lobby. >> in honor of victims and the thousands who have policedded them we must not capitulate any longer. i have had it. >> prop yotsing not allowing gun tofz bullet buttons. gun owners said these restrictions are unconstitutional. in fact, they're challenging a previous bill requiring stores to fingerprint customer who's buy bullets for hand gun autos we zront a gun problem in this country. we have a people problem. we, a certain segment of people. and until we put our focus on dealing with the thing that's would make a person go from normal to evil, we're going to continue to have this problem no mat qlaer laws we have. >> the state treasurer is taking a diff
lane visiting family and friends in northern california before driving home to nevada in the storm. rescue teams and volunteers joining family members searching highways in the snow for any sign of the couple or their car. >> it's been awesome to see everyone coming together. i appreciate it. >> that is a terrifying time for the family. crews are going to continue to search for the couple tomorrow off road and on foot. >> a san francisco man has been charged with kidnapping and raping an autistic 16-year-old girl. this man was arraigned today. charges range from child molestation to rape of an incompetent person. atkinson is accused ofcd abducting the girl. the girl walked away november 27thment the staff lost track of the girl at the fruit veil bart station. police say the man grabbed the girl took her back to his home in san francisco, and repeatedly raped her over the course of several days. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career as a police officer. someone as mr. atkinson can take advantage of someone of this statture. >> the girl escaped. she
. >>> the california highway patrol is investigating all three crashes. there is no word yet on any possible charges or citations. reporting live in walnut creek, abc-7 news. >> ama: a large pothole on a section of highway 4 in pitburg caused serious problems. drivers couldn't see the hazard. several cars had flat tiresment one driver said there were 25 cars all waiting to have flats fixed. >> that pothole is tiny compared to one alan wang found in lafayette. >> alan: this is a nightmare for people who live in this part of lafayette. most of their utilities ran under the road that got washed away, and when the road collapsed, it snapped off the water service line, a water main, and a sewage line. only a lone pg&e gasline survived. neighbors say it happened around 8:30 this morning. the creek began flowing over mountain view drive and into the neighborhood. city crews tell us piles of large debris plugged up the culvert and the force of the flood water started washing away the earth between the culvert and the road. that's when the pavement collapsed on top of the utility lines. there could have been
to win tomorrow against corona from southern california. he's talking about retirement either after the game or next season. it's the one and only job he's wanted. >> no. i wanted to be a high schoolteacher. i wanted to be at this school. so that is when i was 24 years old. that never changed. it been very rewarding and a good career. very no regrets whatsoever. >> people focusing on the 49er quarterback situation they forgot about frank gore. last week, gore tide roger craig and joe perry for franchise record with 50 rushing touchdowns. gore has been banged up during the season, but is ready for the patriots on sunday. he blocks out the pain. >> sth is the love of the game, you know? how much he loves football. how much he likes practicing and playing this game. that has quite the big part in making him such a sure guy week after week.2úc >> that he s this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> that is a lot of touches. he gets a lot of play. >> he is a work horse. he runs low to the ground hard to tackle. >> this is just a pounding punch. >> bigger guy. >> true. >> tha
. i just have to say no. you can only come if you're in concord, california. >> back to finney's finds. hotel furniture lick dateors which is what the owner does. >> we probably go through a good 15-20 he a year. >> there is hotel art work, a cart, mattress at mazing prices. sammy is a customer. >> this is a wild place it s anything@xÑfs want, they have it. >> now, a and e watches. in gift center and jewelry mart which is under construction but open, selling new and used rolexes. >> we do watches only we have expertise to take care of the watches, too. >> of this customer bought his watch here. >> the same watch about $3,000 more than what i paid for. >> steam punk garage isvow/ a jeweler on the other end of the store. >> this is victorian style of fashion. >> found in justin herman plaz. >> using upcycle to recycle things. >> it's very bay area. >> absolutely. >> the book is available and retails $14.95 coming from a lifetime of research. i grew up here, started with 600 stores. >> good stuff. >> easy to put into your pocket and take it with you. >> we have breaking news. sky 7 outs
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21